Knowledge Games
Knowledge Games (Johns Hopkins University Press) comes out in Spring 2016!
Play Innovation Lab
Dr. Schrier directs the Play Innovation Lab, which consists of faculty and students designing and researching games and other media.
Games and Emerging Media
Dr. Schrier directs the brand new Games and Emerging Media program.
Game and Media Projects
Dr. Schrier and her students are involved in designing a number of different games and web-based projects.
Dr. Schrier directs a number of research projects, including ones on games and ethics, games and problem solving, and gender, empathy and games.
HV Games Conference
The Hudson Valley Undergraduate Games Conference brings together students from all over the NY-metro and Hudson Valley to share research and game demos.
Upcoming Events
The B.S. in Games and Emerging Media and Play Innovation Lab (PlayLab) organize a number of events each year.
Learning, Education & Games
The Learning, Education & Games book series (ETC/Carnegie Mellon Press) highlights research and best practices for teaching using games.
Civic Engagement
Students and faculty are helping local non-profits by designing apps, websites, and games for them.
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